The church began among Middle Easterners. Sadly, the Middle East today is a place of continual conflict that the church finds difficult to influence. The Acts 2:11 Project exists to encourage the church to love her Middle Eastern neighbors and break down the barriers of fear, misunderstanding and bias. We invite you to read, learn, and join the conversation.

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“What we have to consider in earnest, as Christ-followers, is the way our positions, our tone, and our devotion to our rights affects the faithful transmission of the Gospel we’re called to carry.” Read More

Ashley al-Saliby

Ashley al-Saliby

Ministering to Women in the Middle East

At what point are we no longer obligated to follow the commands of Jesus?

Does the possibility that a “neighbor” might be an “enemy” change anything about the way in which we are supposed to interact with that person?

Jesus said clearly we are to love both. Read More

Collin Abbey

Collin Abbey

Middle East Development Veteran